Welcome to the Minisodes page of the SIMGM Productions Wiki! Here you can find out all about all of the Minisodes that have been created by SIMGM Productions, and you can also watch them by clicking on the various links depening on which Minisode you are interested in!

Glee Spoof Minisode 1 - Kurt's Problem

Glee Spoof Minisode 2 - Santana's PSA

Glee Spoof Minisode 3 - Brittany, the next Oprah

Glee Spoof Minisode 4 - The Glee Cast Discovers Spoofs

Glee Spoof Minisode 5 - Quinn's Summer

Glee Spoof Minisode 6 - Christmas Special

Glee Spoof Minisode 7 - The Glee Club Gets Tested

From minsode 1
Minisode 2
From minisode 3
Quinn's summer
Kurt and blaine in bandw
Weird woman

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