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Welcome to the Downloads page of the SIMGM Productions Wiki! There are many downloads that are avaliable for you to download onto your computer and then you can use them in your Sims 2 games!

Rules of Downloading:Edit

  • Always give credit to SIMGM!
  • Don't upload the things that you have downloaded from SIMGM to any other websites.

Things You May Need to Know Before Downloading:Edit

Mesh = The actual shape of the object/whatever it is that you are downloading, basically the thing that allows it to work, so if you just want the object/whatever it is that you are downloading, then just download the mesh, meshes are crutiual for something to work within the game, so make sure you download!

EP = Expansion Pack - This is the version of the game that you need to have to be able to use whatever it is that you are downloading within your Sims 2 game, for example, if a download says that the EP it needs is 'University' then you will need to have 'The Sims 2 University' installed onto your computer for that download to work within your Sims 2 game.


The downloads are for The Sims 2 only, therefore they will not work on any other version of The Sims, so only download if you have The Sims 2. You don't nesseserily have to have any of the Expansions Packs, as most of the downloads only require the base game to work properly, however there are a few which are based off of meshes from clothing that comes with one of the Expansion Packs, therefore you will need that Expansion Pack to be able to install that download.

Where to download:Edit

To browse through all of the things that are avaliable for downloading so you can use them in your own Sims 2 game, and to download if you are interested in anything, here is where you can download from!

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